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Wanle Jellyfish ride is a new designed kiddie ride which are based on the Samba balloon rides. But with different design and color. All with durable quality FRP and steel material, good feedback from the clients. Jelly fish rides is also one kind family rides in the amusement park and theme parks. Jelly fish ride is also called Happy jellyfish, it moves through up and down, revolve and rotate, passengers also can rotate the nacelle, it will be one more interesting kiddie rides in the park. When rides on the Jelly fish rides, people feel like a happy jellyfish swimming in the ocean, feel freedom and happy!
Area diameter10m
Capacity32 passengers
Wanle Jellyfish ride diameter is 10m, with a perfect appearance in the amusement park. The cabins has enough space for the family rides together. Both the seats and decoration are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), pained with non-fading painting. Besides, the Wanle Jellyfish ride also is decorated with brightly flashing lights along with the beautiful songs, is well liked by kids and adults.
Advantages of Wanle Jellyfish ride:
1. Decorated with advanced beautiful music and saved energy LED light.
2. Durable beautiful FRP material, smooth mechanical operation, people rides on it feels more comfortable and little noise.
3. It suitable for amusement parks, culture centers, and other large playground rides.
4. Good after sale service, have many old customers, also good reputations in the market.Family Rides manufacturers

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