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The pyramid bag is one of the more recent styles which are now readily available in stores nationwide.
As the name suggests, when you remove them from their box and stand them on a counter, they sit in a pyramid shape (roughly).
Perfect for a quick cuppa and they also come with a “dunkable” string for mugs!
With pyramids you get the full loose leaf flavour experience without all of the mess because the leaves are cut thicker and fresher.
Due to the larger cut of the leaf or ingredients in the pyramid bags, the quality and strength of your cuppa is hugely improved.
The steeping time is a little longer however the teabags can be re-used up to 3 times per cup depending on your personal taste (We recommend about 4-5 minutes).
These bags can be made from silk, nylon, and cornstarch! Our pyramid boxes are also a great present for your tea loving friend or family member!Mesh Fabric Made in China
website: ... sh-fabric/

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